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Stop Smoking Service

Reliable and efficient stop smoking service in Glasgow.

It is well known that smoking is greatly harmful to our health. However, quitting smoking is a daunting task. It’s not easy because of nicotine addiction. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore as High Street Pharmacy in Glasgow has a solution for you. We provide a Stop Smoking Service that is designed to see you quit smoking.

This service ensures not only a notable response but also a reduction in smoking habits. There are over 7 million people still smoking in the UK today.


Why is it hard to quit smoking?

Tobacco has a substance called nicotine that makes it very hard to quit smoking. Nicotine is not only addictive but also creates withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Notable withdrawal signs and symptoms include:

– Irritability
– Cravings
– Fatigue and tiresomeness
– Poor Concentration
– Headaches
– Weight increase
– Restlessness


Stop smoking service Glasgow


Tips to assist you to stop smoking

– Have positive thinking no matter the temptations and how slow the progress is
– Friends can be of great help. Try having non-smoking friends around you
– Use anti-nicotine products for instance chewing gums
– E-cigarettes may help to quit smoking but are not the surest way to sort your habits
– Go for a short walk instead of your usual smoking break
– Save the money you would have otherwise spent on cigarettes and watch how you progress


How our Stop Smoking Service in Glasgow can help

We have qualified pharmacists who are accredited, stop-smoking advisors. They will not only advise you but will also walk with you through this difficult journey.

We issue alternative nicotine replacement products as options for your cravings. This helps relieve the cravings and withdrawal symptoms related to smoking.

Some of these products include:

– Chewing gums
– Nicotine replacement patches
– Nasal sprays
– Inhalators

We also design a personalised service for you within a twelve-week period to help throughout the journey.

We have several patients who have gone through this journey and succeeded.

High Street Pharmacy is here for you, to save your health. It’s worth noting that smoking is one of the most dangerous habits for your health. Therefore, contact us to enquire about our Stop Smoking service in Glasgow.


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