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Prescriptions: NHS and Private

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Prescriptions: NHS and Private

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service enables the electronic transfer of medical prescriptions from medical prescribers such as doctors to pharmacies and various dispensers. At High Street Pharmacy, we offer NHS and Private prescriptions service in Glasgow.


Private Prescriptions

We have qualified pharmacists with verse wealth of experience and can independently prescribe medication. They can treat a wide range of acute diseases without the need to visit your GP.

We have modern and latest machines that are effective; this helps us offer both private treatments as well as NHS treatments for minor illnesses.


What can we treat with the NHS and Private prescriptions service in Glasgow?

The list below shows examples of what we are able to handle on NHS and private consultations/treatments:

– Headaches
– Nasal congestion
– Athletes foot
– Coughs and Common cold
– Ear problems
– Hay fever
– Strains and sprains
– High Temperature
– Fevers
– Toothaches
– And many more

Most treatments are available on the NHS. However, some medication may only be available at a private level. Our pharmacist will discuss your treatment options to make a proper decision.



Why come to High Street Pharmacy for minor conditions?

Convenience is one of the benefits of using High Street Pharmacy since we make it easy for you to access treatment without necessarily seeing your GP. But suppose you do, we don’t have long queues and waiting times compared to the wasted times during a visit to a doctor.

You will be able to access treatment for minor ailments directly from your preferred pharmacy. This eases the pressure incurred by the GP and A&E departments.

Finally, this service is of great help to the GP as they will now be referring more patients with minor illnesses to the pharmacy.

However, you shouldn’t be worried as our pharmacists are clinically qualified and trained to provide these minor treatments. They are also aware of when to refer patients to their doctors, medical personnel or GP.

As part of the NHS Minor Ailments Scheme and the Community Pharmacy Consultation Service, we are eligible to offer these services.


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