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Prescription Delivery Service

High Street Pharmacy

Prescription Delivery Service

At High Street Pharmacy, we provide NHS prescription delivery in Glasgow on request.

If you depend on regular prescriptions, then this service is vital and reliable. More importantly, if you live with a chronic condition, are disabled, or look after someone who does. Our Prescription delivery service is fast, efficient, and discreet.

Since most NHS services are free, a lot of people tend to afford or access them. However, the procedure of going for your prescriptions or picking them from the pharmacy is time-consuming and sometimes tiresome.

Our tailor-made delivery service will enable you to receive your prescription straight at your doorstep.


How does this service work?

In order to join the prescription delivery process with us, you need to sign up first. Afterwards, you will nominate High Street Pharmacy as your preferred pharmacy and provide specific details.

Secondly, we will get in touch with your GP and request your repeat prescription. You have to inform your GP of your decision to choose High Street Pharmacy. After getting your patient’s details and prescriptions from your GP, your medicines will be delivered upon your request.

The final part is the delivery of the medicine at your doorstep – either at your home or the office.



What’s the cost of the prescription delivery service in Glasgow?

The prescription delivery service is usually available upon your request.

Additional fees may be applicable; therefore, it’s advisable to get in touch with us first to find out more details. You will, however, be required to pay for your prescriptions as usual routinely.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about our Prescription delivery in Glasgow and how it works. We have a qualified team of professional pharmacists who are always available to assist you.


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