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Emergency Hormonal Contraception

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Emergency Hormonal Contraception

After unprotected sex, you may use certain pills or tablets to avoid getting pregnant, these are commonly known as Emergency Contraception. Unprotected sex refers to a situation where one doesn’t use any form of protection or when the form of contraception has failed. For instance when the condom bursts or comes off when having sex. At High Street Pharmacy, we provide Emergency Hormonal Contraception in Glasgow.


How does emergency hormonal contraception in Glasgow work?

Emergency contraception is effective as it delays egg release during ovulation. You should take the contraception within a specific period and as soon as possible after engaging in unprotected sex for its effectiveness.

The two common types of Emergency Contraception are Levonorgestrel and ellaOne. While Levonorgestrel is less effective after LH levels go up, ellaOne performs effectively even after later days of the menstrual cycle.

It’s critical to use emergency contraceptives as soon as you have had unsafe sex, probably not later than 72 hours. However, you should note that contraceptives don’t protect you from STIs.


Does emergency hormonal contraception in Glasgow have side effects?

This emergency contraception has various side effects such as irregular and continuous bleeding, period pains, nausea, and sometimes headaches.


What is unsafe and safe sex?

When you indulge yourself in sexual intercourse without using birth control for instance condoms, that’s called unprotected sex. Once you do so, yet you want to avoid getting pregnant, you have to use emergency pills. However, whenever you use birth control methods like condoms during sex to avoid getting pregnant or STIs, it’s called Safe Sex.

Condoms are not only the surest way of controlling unwanted pregnancies but they protect against STIs and UTIs. Therefore, always use a condom.



How High Street Pharmacy in Glasgow can help

High Street Pharmacy has a well-equipped and private consultation room. Therefore, our trained pharmacists use it during inquiries and when supplying Emergency Hormonal Contraception.

Our pharmacists advise and provide the pills to clients who have had unprotected sex for up to 5 days.

You don’t need to make a prior appointment, just come in and seek for private consultation with one of our pharmacists.


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